Some states allow non-residents to register vehicles

Just to clarify that different states have different residency requirements to register a vehicle. Finding insurance as a non-resident can be very tricky though.

I'm a Canadian Resident but have registered vehicles in VT (2016), FL (2015) and SD (around 2008).

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Mar 31, 2017
No sure what information you have
by: Marianne

Sounds like you believe we (the owner of this web site) have registered our camper in the US. We are Canadians like you and our camper is registered in Ontario. I'm pretty sure that, unless you own property in the US, you must register the vehicle and insure it in your home province. I don't know any legal way around this. Even if you used a friend's address in the US, you may be able to accomplish it but I would be very wary that the insurance would go digging (if you ever made a claim) and then refuse to pay.

Mar 29, 2017
Registering an RV in the US
by: Peter and Dianne

Hi There,
My wife and I are Canadians (from Toronto) looking at buying a Class A diesel in the US. We intend using the unit in the States during winter months. But would like to bring it back to Canada for storage and occasional short trips in Canada during the summer months. We have been advised that we can register the unit in the States as you have done but we are not sure if we are allowed to bring it back to Canada with US plates.
Would you know if that is possible please?

Oct 25, 2016
Main concern about insurance
by: Marianne

Thanks for that clarification. I know there are a few insurance companies that will sell a policy to Canadians but the concern is whether they pay if you have a claim. If there's any loophole at all in the fine print that could disqualify you, they'll find it. Buyer beware.

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