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Spray Bottle Magic and Happy Feet

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax NS Canada)

TIP # 1
Seems hard to beleive but one can use a spray bottle (dollar store new or recycled windex type) containing clean cool or warm water to do an anytime freshing up or mini-mini shower.

Face, neck, arms,and underarms (or more) all feel and ARE fresher after several spritz and a rubdown with a wash cloth. Takes almost no water and does a surprisingly good job.

Same spray bottle can be used by the sink for a quick soap , spray, rinse spray, hand wash.
Again, not the answer for real grime, but the use-not-much-water for the fresher and therefore more comfortable feel.

And, sometimes, on a really hot day, it's great for a light spritz on the face, neck and arms to chill down!

TIP # 2
I often use the still warm dishwashing water to soak my feet, maybe adding a bit more hot water.
When on the road, often our feet work really hard for us and get neglected for all their effort.

NOTHING feels better to hard working feet at the end of a hot(or cold) day than a nice soothing soapy hot water spa treatment.

The deal....dishwasher gets the foot bath. New incentive to do dishes. Clean dishes.....happy feet......perfect boondocking!

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