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Successful Import of an RV

by Carola
(Victoria, BC, Canada)

We just finished importing our 2006 27-ft motorhome from California to Victoria BC. Using the information and guidelines noted here, and from other sites on the internet, we were well prepared with the documentation required for both US and Canadian Borders.

There were some interesting things that happened along the way. Because we were not registering in California, we required a driver to deliver our unit out of California. This was a fee of $950 charged by the dealership in California. We tagged along inside the unit, and our driver towed a vehicle. We were not allowed to drive at all, and once we got to Oregon, we visited a UPS office, and had to have the out-of-state delivery forms notarized ($20).

After that it was smooth driving up to Peace Arch border crossing. The office is only open Monday-Friday 8-3:30, so don't plan to try and cross over the weekend or an American long weekend. That part only took 1/2 hour - most of that time was waiting behind other exporters. It was a non-event, because we had all our paper work in order. The documents had been faxed 3 days before, combined with an email to advise we had faxed the documents - and we received a confirmation email.

The Canadian side took a bit longer - about 1.5 hours to complete our form 1 - and I had to do some computer input - the lady at the customs office was super friendly and helpful. Note**the GST payable can be paid by credit card, BUT only up to $500!!! We didn't know that, but used a debit card from our bank account for the balance. So much for points on our card, but that's okay!

Once cleared with CBSA, we drove a block down the the RIV office,..completed the forms there...and headed home to Victoria. By the time we were at the ferries, we had an email from RIV saying our inspection letter was ready to be printed!!! Super slick and great service.

We have been home a week, and still have to head over to Canadian Time for the inspection, but that will take no time and will complete our export/import adventure.

If you are going to do this.... be PREPARED!!! Take the time to read the sites, phone US border and Canadian border agencies if you have any questions! I did and found them both super helpful! BE prepared and you too will have a successful import of an RV

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Mar 20, 2014
Something is wrong
by: Megan

Permitted Uses of the One Trip Permit
In addition to the above information, the following information is provided. A One Trip Permit is valid for:

Operation of a trailer coach, which is either:

owned by nonresident military personnel.

part of a dealer’s inventory.

purchased by a nonresident who is taking it out of California.

The nonresident would be you. You could have saved yourself the money and driven the MH back through California, Oregon and Washington to Canada yourself.
If the vehicle isn't registered in CA, the one trip permit acts as temporary registration.
I'm going to CA from Victoria next week and driving my 'new' used MH back. You have to watch these dealers.

Feb 12, 2014
Insurance while in Transit to Canada
by: Marianne (moderator)

Our RV insurance company in Ontario, Wayfarer Insurance told us it would only take a phone call to put coverage to the new RV but it would only be valid for a few days - as long as necessary for an immediate return to our home province.
Not sure about other provinces or other insurers but I imagine it may be similar.

Feb 01, 2014
Insurance for Importing a Vehicle to BC
by: Anonymous

Can you explain how you arranged for insurance on the motorhome while it was in transit from California to BC? I understand the ICBC will not insure a vehicle until it is registered in BC.

Jul 02, 2013
CT experiance
by: Rod

Can you tell us if your Canadian Tire inspection was straight forward, or were there any surprises and did it end up higher than the standard inspection fee?

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