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Sun Power and Cooking Brown Rice

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax NS Canada)

More people should consider using solar ovens when boondocking. If you love healthy brown rice but hate the cooking time and use of fuel, a solar oven is the answer.

Googling "solar ovens" shows all the many designs one can make from simple materials such as cardboard and tinfoil. We made a simple, fold-up, single-sheet type that packs easily, takes almost no space, and cooks amazingly.

For example... one cup brown rice plus only ONE cup water placed in a dark enamel pot and then in a turkey-roaster clear bag in the solar oven at 11 am will be cooked in about 2 hours to perfection!
The best thing...... NO burning ever and, left in the oven, the rice will stay hot all day waiting for you to come back from your hike!

The next one I want to try is the flexible, windshield, silver, sun reflector placed in a pail with a supported wire rack. Looks intriguing.

There are many other foods that can be cooked in solar ovens....including bread!

Expand your skills,....have fun....try solar ovens!

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