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the boondocking chizeler

by bigpappastevens
(brantford ontario)

I have got my showers down to 1.5 letres and put in a 1 gpm water be supprized at how little water it takes to take a navy shower ...added a 110 v 1 gallon hot water heater and a natures head composting toilet which uses no water...500 watts of solar power.the roof is all solar panels .in a 10 ft rambler peanut travel trailerits got.a woodstove.berkey water filter which will turn river water into drinking water...8000 watt pure sine wave 110v 220v inverter.led everything.4x agm batterys. it only takes 1.5 mins to heat up my shower water with this little water tank.5 an acceptable temp level.100.f the trailer has a 12 gallon water has 4 peltier 5 amp draw air conditioners in it..

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Nov 01, 2016
The chizeler
by: Anonymous

I boil them.with my 60: solar looks like a 60 " crome satellite dish

Oct 14, 2016
The chizeler
by: The boondocking chizeler

I been working on a 9 ft rambler peanut boondocking travel trailer. ..It's got 500 watts of solar on the roof with an 8000 watt inverter. .also has a 12 gallon water tank. .and a little woodstove. .plus 2x 40 lbs lpg tanks.and a 19" jensen led TV. ..allso electric brakes..ALSO a 2 burner stove..115 v and 230 v AC power..and a berkey water filter.A shower ..and a nature's head composting toilet. .I have chizeled down the showers to 1.5 litres. .It's has a 1 gallon hot water heater in it..which only takes 1.5 min to heat up.saving my battery's. .I can boondock for months or till I run out of food

Sep 14, 2016
Boondocking laundry
by: Marianne

We go to a laundromat. When we first started RVing we tried washing clothes by hand but it's just too much trouble, takes too much water to rinse, hard to wring out certain items like jeans, and it's more time consuming than a stop at a laundromat when you can do five loads at once if needed.

Sep 11, 2016
by: jumbo drumstick

How do you wash your clothes? How long can you boondock inner buddy?

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