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The Bucket

by Al & Laura
(charlestown RI)

Take advantage of rain. A small plastic sheet and a bucket can provide an extra water source. I would not use for drinking (except in an emergency) but it can be used for flushing, washing and rinsing. I carry a small window screen to prevent debris from entering the bucket. The screen is easy to store as it is flat. You can also just place it under one of your small roof downspouts. Last but not least, buckets store one inside the other and have many other uses. Of course collapsible containers make sense as well. Happy Trails Al & Laura

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Nov 09, 2016
my berkey water system
by: The boondocking chizeler

I do let the water settle to the bottom first...then I run it through the sawywer point zero two filter then add MMS to it then it goes into my water tank..for showers..if im drinking it I also then run it through my big black berkey takes 8 hrs to filter my 60 litre barrel of water through the I start filtering just before I go to sleep.. my tank is full when I get up in the morning...I only use 1.5 litres to take a shower .so I can go quit awhile in between fillups

Jan 03, 2016
drinking rain water
by: bigpappastevens

If you buy a big berkey water filter on eBay you can filter lake..rain stream.or river water to drink..use a natures head composting toilet..keep your trailer size small..mine is a 9 ft trail .not including the toung or has 500 watts of solar panels on the roof..a 28 " Jensen 12v bigscreen TV..8000 watt pure sine wave inverter..woodstove..15 R value of insulation under floor..a wave 3 water tank..shower..sink..2 burner propane stove..2 40lbs propane tanks..this wave 3 heater will run 4 weeks straight on a 40 lbs tank of propane..led lights..12v DVD ..CD player..sleeps 2..used old top bunk for storage.did sleep fridge uses 29 watts to run..I can boondocks for ever with this thing..all 4 seasons.any car can pull it.a jeep is better..I'm waiting for one of the the new inverter type 5000 watt air conditioners to come out..they use 1/2 the power has 450 ahs of agm deep cycle battery's in it.....keep it small..cheaper to heat..load it up..and boondock till the cows come home..

Jul 31, 2012
Decontaminate rainwater
by: Susan & Peter

Seems like rainwater freshly collected into a clean container should be safe to drink as-is. But as we've posted before, it's easy to make sure that just about any water source is safe to drink. First, it should not be turbid (silty) - let the solids settle out and pour it off, or put it thru a filter (cheesecloth or other fabric laid in a sieve or colander works well). Obviously, with rainwater you can skip this step. To your clear water, add a small amount of chlorine bleach: 5cc per 10 gallons. Then you choose: drink it right away (if you're used to drinking chlorinated tap water), let it sit until the chlorine evaporates, or put it thru a Brita-type filter. Voila!

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