The Disease of Homesickness!

I am so grateful that I found this site, I was beginning to think I had totally lost my bearings.

In the past year, I left my home to marry a wonderful man in these, my golden years. I sold my home, my belongings, my life as I had always known it, to move 4000 miles away and begin a new life living partly on the road in a pop top van between a summer place and a winter place.

Little did I know that the adjustments would take over my emotional well being. Missing my family, grandkids, and not being able to be around for my great grandkids brought on this disease of homesickness beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

As this past year has passed, it has become easier, though I did have to talk with a counselor to give me inner strength to get a handle on the tears that seemed to be shed too easily. All the information and suggestions you mentioned are so true and helpful, it made me feel OK and better able to understand how I was feeling.

I left work, family, home, and jumped into this new life without really understanding the emotional and even physical, weariness that would happen to me. I can say that time does have a way of healing a sad heart and slowly you replace the lonesomeness with only intermittent longings.

I realize that it will not go away entirely but I have learned to adjust to all the changes that have, at times, overwhelmed me. I think women may have a more difficult time with this change than men, at least in my case that seems to be the way it is.

Both of us have learned that we have to talk out our feelings and not pretend everything is fine when it is not. Not only are we adjusting to each other but to this new life. It does get better every month.

Thank you again for this information, I am printing it out to reread whenever I have those "lost soul" inner tuggings on my heart.

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May 31, 2011
by: Freda Fly

Homesickness is a very real illness. It can strike without warning and last for a considerable period. During a bout of homesickness things can become very dark indeed.

I don't think it has a lot to do with how many relatives are left behind or changes and challenges on the road. Perhaps these things exacerbate the condition but one can be free as a bird and be struck hard with homesickness. It's more about the loss of an ideal.

I have found some tips that might help.

Homesickness usually has a relatively short run, maybe up to a week. Keep reminding yourself of that. Suddenly it will lift off.

If you recognize it as an illness you can say to yourself, "Oh, here's that damn homesickness thing again" and you can mentally treat it as you would the flu. You're going to be down for a few days so just hunker down and go with it and wait it out. Agonizing over your mental state or what it all means is pointless. It's just that damn thing again. Eat chicken soup .

Don't make any important decisions while suffering from homesickness, especially irreversible ones. Just put those aside for later.

There is one remedy I have found that usually will permanently cure acute homesickness. Wait until the current bout passes (important) and you are feeling reasonable again, and then leave your journey and fly back to the imagined home that provoked the homesickness. Stay at least three days. Many folks discover that the reality of what they left, seen through their newly-opened RVing eyes is not so attractive after all and can't wait to get back to the open road.

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