There's a Difference Between Motorhome and Trailer

by Stephane
(Ottawa, ON)

An RV with an engine requires export clearance from US customs, and notice 72 hrs in advance. Also, this office is not open 24/7. Some are only weekday business hrs.

I have imported 2 trailers without issue. One was a private sale, the other through a dealership. Clear title is the most important component. Get a photocopy of both sides of the title certificate. There is always a place that lists the lien holders. If there is a name listed, you need a release letter from that lienholder.

The RIV forms and receipts are your 'plates' after you cross the border. It shows the import process is under way and should take about 30 days. I have not imported a motorized RV so this may not apply to those vehicles.

US banking and banking terms are different than Canada. Electronic transfers do not occur instantly, and from my experience, are not preferred by US citizens and businesses. The US is still a cash society. Talk with your bank manager on how best to deal with this. Often, a cover letter on bank letterhead including a contact name at the bank is enough to make the seller at ease with the draft's authenticity.

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