Think Pressure Cookers for Economy of Fuel AND Time

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax NS Canada)

Nowhere have I seen anyone mention how efficient and wonderful and safe the modern-day pressure cooker is today. It can be used as just a regular, heavy-based cooking pot .. or as the most fuel efficient cooking aid of all times!

Dried black-eyed peas that need no pre-soaking cook in under 10 minutes at amazing savings and health benefits over tin beans. Veggies cook perfectly in minutes. Homemade soup from scratch (healthy and tasty) can also be made in short order. I understand that even meat can be cooked well and fast in the pressure cooker (can't verify this as we are vegetarians). Haven't tried them yet, but there is a recipe for cheesecake and rice pudding in my book as well.

My purchase of a new, safe (I was always afraid of them before) pressure cooker has impressed me with its performance.

Used on an electric, gas, or wood fire, these "new generation" pressure cookers are really something to consider for our "frugal lifestyles"

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Jan 30, 2011
Pressure Cooker Best Thing In RVing

I have been fulltiming in my RV for 2 years now. I can think of no better tool in the kitchen than a pressure cooker. I grew up using them and had a Presto for more than 30 years (husband destroyed it, finally). I bought a new one with short, round handles. Love it in the RV. Saves space - it's stainless and easy to clean. Can use the pan as a regular cooking pan. But the best part is it really saves on propane because it cooks things so fast. I make all my food from scratch and this even relieves me of having to soak beans overnight. I love it. Everyone should have one. Storage is easy without the long handles.

May 10, 2010
I'm Convinced!
by: Marianne (moderator)

I've never used one but you've convinced me. I'm going to keep my eye out for one and give it a try for sure. The fact that it can double as a normal pot is important - with limited space in our B-Class.

May 06, 2010
by: Allison

Pressure pans are a gift from heaven for the scratch cook- they save tons of time AND fuel, whether you live in a stix&brix or a rolling manse.

They take a modicum of attention and some common sense, but used according to the directions (i.e. NEVER let the contents get over 2/3 full), they will last for decades and only need a new gasket occasionally.

Look for them at garage sales- I bought a nearly brand new one for $1 recently.

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