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Travel Dreams Come True?

Q. My husband and I are both 44 years old and we are about ready to sell everything in this ugly economy and enjoy each other and stop working just to pay the bills. Neither one of us have ever traveled in a 5th wheel for long periods of time and we haven't been camping together, because we own a business at the present time and there is never time to play.

We are scared to travel but really want to. We both want to be life-timers and have fun and experience life.

Is there anyway to communicate with life-timers on the Internet? I only seem to read about great times on the road but I know that isn't reality. Both of us want to learn from experienced 5th wheel travelers. I guess I want someone to tell me everything.

We are going to set out by the middle of next year but have to buy a 5th wheel. Thanks for your time.

What do you do in the daytime while on the road?
What is the average cost to stay in a park? - I see that it can be $10-15 a night on the Internet but, in reality, is that true?

What are the main expenses on the road?

My husband isn't handy with vehicle repairs so what can we expect? Are there any clubs that are better than others for discounts for RV travelers?

What is the average cost per year, so we have enough money to start out with?

If there is anything I am missing please let me know!

Marianne's Reply:
I can answer a few of your questions and then pass you on to more experienced full-timers who can hopefully help you out even more.

The main expenses on the road are usually fuel and campgrounds.

About the cost of campsites - You CAN find them in the $15.00 price range but it's getting harder and harder to find those prices and almost certainly these will not include hookups such as power and water. More realistically, campgrounds charge between $20.00 and $30.00 per night, on average.

Many RVers save money by paying for a campsite only two or three days a week, and finding free boondocking of some sort, on the other days.

Your personal standard of living will determine what you will spend while you travel. For the most part, I think people can expect to live well on the road for the same amount you would spend annually in your current home.

What do we do during the day? Of course we try to find things to see and do that are unique to the area we're traveling through. After visiting the local tourist info office, our list of things to see in the area is usually quite long. Personally, we limit our activities to "low cost" and like to explore nature, hike, and kayak. Often part of our day is also spent doing normal household tasks: cooking, eating, cleaning up, and making a few phone calls. After some initial activity, we like to spend time relaxing, reading, and just enjoying each other and the scenery.

To answer your other questions, you may wish to refer to my page on RV repairs as well as my page comparing the various RV discount membership clubs.

Although we've traveled for as long as 12 months at at time, we're not full-timers (at least, not yet). We also don't have a 5th-wheel.... Here is a website for you to check out though:www.fulltime-rving.

Also, you'll find many full-time RVers, of varying backgrounds, listed on
my blogroll. I suggest you contact some of them. In particular,
Live, Work, Dream and The Wandering Wishnies who, I believe, are currently traveling full time in a 5th wheel.

Hope that helps a bit. And, if you're scared a little bit, that's normal. Give it a few weeks and those fears will settle right down. It's a great lifestyle!

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Jun 19, 2010
Us, too.
by: Roxi

Most of the full-timers I read about are retired, with whatever financial stability that implies. My spouse and I are in our 40's. If we stay, we have whatever security the economy offers, and our life is fine. Sufficient. We want more than "fine," though, and we're planning to sell out and hit the road full-time.

I understand your concerns, because we have them ourselves. There are lots of people who have the know-how and are willing to share. We like for technical advice.

We're blogging about our fears and excitement and frustrations leading up to our launch; if you want to connect with us, we're at

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