Traveling with Cats

Hi, I'm planning to rent out my house and travel around for the winter in a Class B starting in October, until April. I have 2 cats. Does anyone have experience/advice re: traveling with 2 cats in a Class B?

I am determined to quit the rat race, but I don't want to reduce the quality of life of my cats. I worry that a Class B may be too small. Although, if it's enough room for me, it should work for them since they're much smaller than me :), but I also get to leave whenever I want. Maybe if they get to hang out in a screen "porch" attached to the awning with me?

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Mar 31, 2012
Travling with cats
by: Glenda

We've been living full time in a 17' molded fiberglass Casita travel trailer since the end of May 2011 with a 30# dog & TWO cats, one a large Maine Coon & the other a small half-Manx.

Since cats live in a 'vertical' world, they see space differently than people. My cats can go from under the bed, on the bed, on the pillows under the window, on the counter for their food (away from the dog), to finally on top of the plastic storage container with nowhere else to go so it's sitting up on top of another shelf.

The Maine Coon went outside at our house before, but he's willing to wear a collar & leash to go hang around outside now. The little girl never wanted out at home so certainly doesn't want outside of the trailer either. She gets her kicks by laying in front of or looking out the window. And she enjoys the Maine Coon & the dog both being outside, thus leaving her alone.

Many people worry about their cats darting out the door, & Boots has done that a couple of times. However, he's learning that when he sits long enough to have his leash attached, then he gets to go outside like he wants. Thankfully, in a new place with unfamiliar noise (traffic, people), Boots doesn't want outside. But that upright tail has sure been handy for catching him a few times.

I know people who let their cats wander around loose outside, but I don't want 'outside' cats if I can prevent it.

It is definitely 'doable' if you want to travel with your cats.

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