Very Good Report

by Corey

I have imported two snowmobiles and a motorcycle from the U.S. and wish I would have found this website before I did hours of research.

They were all fantastic deals that the sellers described well. I have just purchased a 2005 5th wheel camper (a bank repo) for $15,000, the original owner still owes the bank $32,000. This shows that there are some good deals still left out there.

It all sounds very difficult and can seem like a lot, but it is really easy. My parents used a broker to import a vehicle that I brought home for them and it was a lot worse than if I would have just done it myself.

Just make sure that whatever you buy is admissible to Canada BEFORE you buy it. I also check that the US customs has received my fax upon crossing the border to pick up my purchase.

Hope this helps other people out !!

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