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by Ann
(Sarasota, FL)

Q.I just purchased a 2011 motor home. They said there is no warranty. It only has 2400 miles on it. Does anyone provide a warranty when they sell a used RV?

A. I'll answer to the best of my ability but invite anyone with more knowledge or experience to correct me or add their two cents.

Some motorhome manufacturers do indeed permit a warranty to be transferred - but only if certain conditions are met. They need to be notified of the transfer to approve it. Often one of the conditions is a rather short time limitation. I.e. warranty may be fully transferrable within one year of the original (new) purchase.

A few may transfer all or part of the warranty as long as it hasn't exceeded either the mileage or time limit (commonly 3 to 5 years). Generally this means if EITHER the time or milage is exceeded, the warranty is expired. So, despite the low milage on yours, the time limit may be expired.

I wouldn't necessarily take the word of the person you bought it from. They may not know for sure. I suggest you contact the manufacturer - and do it as soon as possible. There may be an extened warranty for at least some parts. The best place to get that info is directly from the manufacturer.

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May 21, 2014
by: Kel & Julie

We have purchased an extended warranty on our travel trailer for both of the trailers we have owned over the past seventeen years, after the manufacturers warranty expired. We purchased our extended warranty through Good Sam. On a trailer they are inexpensive, not sure about a motor home, but I'm sure they are considerably more expensive. Good Sam is known throughout the RV repair shops. We also have an extended warranty on our tow vehicle through Good Sam. They are very good on covering our trailer and tow vehicle.

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