Washing Clothes

by Carin
(Chicago, IL)

We use a five gallon plastic cat litter container that comes with a lid. We put our dirty socks,underwear and a shirt or two, some soap and water into it and cover it up and set it on the back seat of the truck. Our drive usually "agitates" the laundry enough that when you get to your spot for the night, you can rinse and hang it up without much effort.

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Jun 30, 2012
Travels with Charley
by: Anonymous

First read about the bucket method in Travels with Charley but never thought I'd need it - until traveling very early season finding campgrounds w/o laundromats hooked up yet.

Saved the cold water (that ran to sink/shower until it was hot) into a rinsed milk container. Used it to sink hand wash clothes daily.

Bought the 10L bucket (Canada) and placed in shower while driving. No laundry build-up. Visited laundromat every 2 weeks for sheets and towels. Scary easy.

I use biodegradable soaps only, I'm ok with "watering" with this product.

Drying hand laundry can be challenging in cold/wet weather. Found my dehumidifier (AirDry) helped to dry clothes gently (place clothes on hangers over the AirDryer) - an accidental discovery. Or if cold evenings, placed on drying rack in front of small portable heater that maintained overnight temp in fifth-wheel. Double duty for the little heater.

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