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Water Miser Pasta

by Donna Rammo
(Halifax NS Canada)

We love pasta while camping/boondocking but hate the huge use of water needed and the steamy fog created in out small RV.

Years ago, I found this solution in a book called "On and Off the Road Cookbook" written by those fine folks that do "The People's Guide to Mexico".
They still maintain an interesting web site but the book is now sadly out of print.

The trick in this method is to FIRST SAUTEE THE RAW PASTA in about 3 tbs of oil with lots of stirring so it doen't scorch. (Think small pasta as best, but I did fettuccine today as a test and it works just fine with broken strands and lots of stirring.)

When the pasta turns brownish (think toasted) add the hot water to just cover pasta (used about 1 cup) cover with tight lid and simmer on low til tender. CHECK. If dry before fully cooked, add a bit more water. Took me about 18 minutes and a bit more water.

The book suggests that the liquid can be tomato sauce rather than water and add onions, green peppers etc and make the sauce at the same time!
And, if you are low on supplies, just add garlic and the water makes a tasty simple sauce as the water thickens nicely into a sauce.

May sound weird to you but try it....we use it on the road all the time. The first time is the hardest because it goes against all pasta cookery you have ever used.

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