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We drove to Costa Rica w/ a Truck Camper

by Steve Cordis
(Santa Rosa, California, USA)

Granted, we did the round trip from California to Costa Rica back in 1989-90, but we took a year to do it. Most of our time was spent in Mexico and only about a month in Costa Rica.

Mostly, everything went well except getting stabbed in a failed robbery attempt. It was our own fault for boondocking in the wrong place. It was in the UN park just outside of Guatemala City where the guide book said there would be an RV park. Wrong! We arrived after dark on a Sunday and there was nobody around so we just stopped and parked for the night in the jungle. A long story short, I stepped out the back door and was immediately jumped by a guy with a knife. He ran away after stabbing me in the chest. We then drove to the nearest hospital where I was well taken care of.

The Doc on duty that night said I had come to the right place as he was quite skilled at tending to stab wounds. He said the area was very violent and he couldn't even go for a walk after dark because it was just too dangerous.
That was near Lago Amatitlan. Ten days of penicillin and we were back on the road.

That was the only bad thing that happened on the whole year long trip. Would I do it again? No, been there, done that!

I'm now retired and have another truck camper. My house is on the market as I write this and as soon as it sells, I'm off traveling full time until either my body or mind give out.

Traveling solo this time, I will only attempt driving down to the Yucatan. In this day and age, going further south alone is just a bit too risky for me now.

Oh, BTW. That one year trip's cost for two people, 26 years ago was only about $5,000 dollars. I suspect that same trip now may be double that.

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