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Wet weather Boondocking

by Alain Roy
(Racine, Quebec, Canada)


While I dream and plan on southwest USA and desert trips, the reality is a lot of our short term summer travel will be in Quebec where we live and northern USA. In fact, northern Quebec fishing trips in our parks is one of the reasons I am planning on a shorter "rugged" class B. But short comes with limitations, especially the decision concerning a bathroom and shower. I see many short class B Boondockers simply omit a permanent shower area. In theory I agree with the reasoning, but I see a permanent shower as a possibility to have a wet closet for rain gear, wet boots and more cold weather clothes. When we take occasional showers, we can just dump the clothes on the bed for the time it takes.

I would be interested in other's experience in extended wet rainy Boondocking. What tricks and tips they have developed and their overall comments.

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