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What to do with your Home?

I have been RVing for a few years now but only on long weekends and weekly vacations and only in Ontario. I love it. I would like to take a year and travel through Canada and US. What do I do with my home and contents?

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Jul 22, 2012
What to do with your house.
by: Marianne (moderator)

If you feel better having someone stay in your home, you might be able to find a temporary tenant through local ads but, if that fails, here are a few suggestions:

Several websites such as or will connect home owners with house sitters. They are free for the home owner. We haven't used them but I'm sure this is a great way to find someone.

Here's another idea: Why not post an ad on one or more of the Fulltime RVing forums such as Some full time RVers may be ready for a break and welcome a temporary more settled location.

Of course, you'll need to check references carefully and you can insist that a friend or relative will have a key and be allowed to drop by occasionally to check on things on your behalf. If you are offering the place for a low rental rate, this is understood as part of the terms. Make sure you put your exact terms in writing.

Leaving your home empty is, in the long run, probably an easier option. Just be sure to have a neighbor or nearby friend check in (actually open the door) every day if possible. Not many people are aware that their home insurance policy may require this (every few days or daily) even if you're only on a one- or two-week holiday. Be sure to check your policy.

Minimize utilities and potential damage from plumbing leaks. Turn the heat to minimum and shut the water off at the main valve. Drain the water heater.

Our home phone and Internet providers allow us to suspend our accounts for up to 6 months at no cost. They call it a "cottage" or "seasonal" plan. Ask your provider if they offer such an option.

Jul 20, 2012
very good idea
by: Anonymous

Hi There Marianne,
It is the best idea because a house does not
stay nice when it is empty. It has been my experience to witness this with empty homes.
And the money helps all around.

I often consider that route myself when I go on the road.
Thank you,

Jul 19, 2012
We rented our house
by: Susan & Peter

This past winter we went away in our camper for 3 months, and rented our house, which was a big help to us financially. We found our tenant thru Craig's List. We got all the money, including the security, out front, in cash. We paid the utilities from the road, and deducted them from the security deposit upon our return. We had our phone calls forwarded to Peter's cell, and our tenant used her cell. We live in a cooperative CoHousing community, so our neighbors are nearby to keep an eye on the house, and we appointed a liaison to be helpful for the tenant and to check on things. Also, a friend went in once a week to water my houseplants, so she got to see how it looked. (We brought home nice gifts for these people.) It was quite a bit of work for us to remove our personal clutter from the whole house and to empty out a closet, a dresser, and the bathroom shelves, but what made it easier was that we have a basement, and kept one small room closed off. (It turned out that my kitchen got the cleaning of a decade, which was a blessing in disguise.) We locked our valuables in our safe (they could be put in a safe deposit box or left with a trusted friend or relative). We wrote a simple contract, which we both signed and kept copies. I think it could be even easier to find a tenant for a year than it was for 3 months. Our experience was almost perfect, which must be exceptional, but seems like it would be better to have someone in your house than to leave it empty, especially if you live in a northern clime. Good luck, and let us know what happens!

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