Who's the Boss?

by Christine Shields
(Conroe, Texas)

Before becoming fulltimers, my husband and I both were in management positions. We are both problem solvers that like to be in charge. Once we retired and were together 24/7 we had to negotiate what things we'd be in charge of and what things we'd take direction on from the other person. This is a daily "dance". In any successful relationship, communication and give-and-take are always essential.

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Feb 10, 2011
Who's the boss?
by: Jay

Who's the boss? Well that depends on the job, I guess. Since retiring our outlook on what is "womens work" or "the mans job" has changed. Now, we know what it takes to get us down the road, so if someone isn't doing it,you do it. Generally if it's inside, Patti does it. If it's outside Jay(me)does it. This works the best because there isn't enough room in our Dolphin for 2 to move around. Besides I hate house work, I'd rather crawl around under the hood.

Feb 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Great post. We have the same daily dance of differences, and have accepted a motto for it: Be Gracious :)

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