Will Boondocking Affect CPP?

by Ian
(Ontario, Canada)

I can't help but think working part time for half the year is going to drastically affect your contributions to CPP. I love your website and love the idea of boondocking thru the southwest, but at age 50, won't my low contributions to CPP over the next 10 years (until retirement at age 60) reduce my CPP payout?

Also, should there be a figure in the budget to allow for replacement of the vehicle while putting 20,000 miles a year on it travelling?

Cheers and thanks for a great site.
Ontario, Canada.

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Jan 28, 2014
CPP or RVing
by: Anonymous

We have been doing it for a year now and love it. We are just 48 years old and are still healthy but will we be able to at the age of retirement? Well, not taking that chance. Both my and my wife's parents did not live long enough to retire and enjoy life. We look for cost savings every day and are able to make a very enjoyable 2-4 months every year and really love doing it. If we are still around in our 70s and are not healthy enough or can't afford it, well we can say we already did it. Also, the cost of health insurance at that age is ridiculous. I know several people who were able to start in there 60s but can no longer afford health insurance at 66. We are making the most of it while we can. It's not everyone's "cup of tea" but it is ours.

Dec 09, 2011
"Traveling vs Being Stationary'
by: Anonymous

Hi There,
I keep hearing more and more everyday that there is
no more American Dream in owning your own home as
it was possible to do back them,

Some one has called it the debt prison,
And it takes more than one pay-check in order to keep things
going right, so why not travel ..
Thank you for the comment,

Dec 08, 2011
CPP Contributions and Saving for next RV
by: Marianne

Hi Ian.
Yes, working only part time will, of course, affect CPP contributions (for our non-Canadian friends, that the Canada Pension Plan). Each of us has to decide how much is enough.....Personally, we decided that we know we are able to travel today but aren't sure what tomorrow will bring. If you can live a life where you don't need much, you can be more confident that you'll always have enough. Until now, it's been the case, hasn't it? You have to decide -- do you trust your own resourcefulness?

And yes, we are always saving a little at a time toward that next replacement RV. It will be a sad day when we don't have to do that anymore We're just turning 60 so hope that we'll need to replace our RV at least twice more before we hang up the keys. (We realize we'll never buy new, only upgrade to "newer". It's just one of the trade-offs of retiring early.)

Thanks for writing....it's a hard decision for many people to retire or semi-retire early. If you absolutely love what you're doing (work-wise), you're lucky - keep working. But, if not, what are you giving up for what you're gaining? No one but you can figure it out. It takes a certain personality to be able to "let go" of what has been drilled into us - that we have to work, work, work our whole life before we finally deserve to play and rest. Who came up with that idea and why have we all bought into it?

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